Team Guardian stud Eric Irvin impresses in Shamrock FC headliner

Eric Irvin is back.

The heavy-handed Team Guardian wrecking machine scored a dominant first-round submission victory in Shamrock FC main event action on the weekend in St. Louis.

“This one went pretty well as I thought it would,” he says with a smile. “I beat him from the top, landed quite a few elbows to the face. I took his back and choked him out, right at the end of the first round.”

In the lead-up to the fight, Irvin spoke about getting back to his roots as a ferocious freestyle fighter.

“My stand-up was too reckless in the past and I was focused too much on wowing people with my striking. But you know what? I’m pretty damn entertaining when I’m on the ground as well,” Irvin says.

“I’m never going to lay there and mess around. When I’m on the ground, I’m moving to pass and advance my position, or I’m punching you in the face or ribs.

“I’m usually focused on punching you as much as I can,” he adds. “And if I’m not punching you, I must be doing something else to help me win this fight, because I’m a punching machine when the fight hits the ground.”