Team Guardian stud Matt Wagy notches second straight first-round finish

It didn’t take long for Matt Wagy to notch his second straight first-round finish.

The surging Team Guardian wrecking machine needed less than 90 seconds to improve his winning streak Saturday night under the Gladiator Challenge banner in Lincoln, Calif.

“It’s always fun to be able to hit somebody and knock them out, so it was definitely fun to be able to do that some more,” Wagy says with a laugh, adding, “It feels good, man.”

With two straight first-round finishes, Wagy is right where he wants to be — and he wants to continue the trend before turning the calendar over.

“I want to keep doing that, man. It’s always good to get in there and get out,” Wagy says. “I don’t want to stick around. If I can get in there and get out quickly, that’s great (laughs).”